2016 Blogging Dream Board

New Year signifies new beginnings and to many, a time to write and commit to a new set of New Year resolutions and dreams. I usually do mine on my birthday week in September but I felt inspired during the wee hours of January 1 and created my 2016 Dream Board!

I was full of excitement and hope for 2016 that I wanted to visualize how happy it could be. While being spontaneous is really fun, the introvert in me loves reflecting and planning. The past few years also taught me in quite dramatic ways that time is a precious blessing so I’d rather spend it on people, causes and things that matter to me most. With a lot of things that compete for our attention it’s good to have something to remind us of our priorities, sources of joy and inspiration, hopes and prayers.

Some meaningful verbs to go with my ambitious adjectives and images :).
Some meaningful verbs to go with my ambitious adjectives and images :).

My Dream Board contains three aspects of my life that I’d like to work on this year. Each of them has corresponding activities and happy projects that are reflective of my gifts, personality, and needs. Blogging of course is one of those happy projects.

To help me visualize my desired blogging experience this year, I borrowed TED Talk’s tagline[1]: write “ideas worth spreading.” Tough one, I know, but I believe you’ve got to set your dreams high to make them more exciting…and work hard and pray about them to make them happen.

So how do I know that my ‘dreams’ will come true? According to planners who perhaps talk about results-based monitoring even while they are sleeping, I need to have some objectively verifiable indicators (OVI) that will help me monitor my progress. I agree, so here are four of my optimistic and ambitious blogging OVI’s for the first semester of 2016:

  1. Created/joined a Facebook page on peace education
    To know what are ‘ideas worth spreading,’ I think it’s important to know what is important and useful to my target readers. Facebook provides a good platform where I can directly engage with them. However I’m usually shy about this so let’s see how I fare on this by end of March!
  2. Followed at least 10 new blogs related to peace, education, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, and responsible parenting.
    To keep me motivated, I think it would be helpful to draw inspiration from those who share my passion and interests.
  3. Participated in at least two blogging classes.
    I’m a newbie blogger and have a lot to learn. Most importantly, WordPress blogging classes are really cool and classmates from around the globe are extremely talented, inspiring and supportive. They make blogging more fun.
  4. Written at least two regular features monthly
    I enjoyed writing my features on ‘Books for Raising Conflict-Sensitive and Peace-Promoting (CSPP) Kids’ and ‘Peace Quote Musings on a Monday.’ I’ll continue to work on them as they are the ones that also got more comments and likes so I suppose, they are ‘ideas worth spreading.’ I would also like to include more features of peace education or peacebuilding initiatives that hopefully would inspire others interested in these causes. Last year, two readers expressed interest on volunteering/doing peace education activities. I hope to share with them more ideas and opportunities to pursue this and what better way to do this but to volunteer myself.

Working to achieve these four OVI’s should keep me very busy and I’m beginning to panic here. I’m quite behind already on my editorial calendar and my blogging class! I better start working on no. 3 and 4! Self-talk mode: I can do this, chill.

So what are your dreams for 2016? I hope they all come true. Have an amazing and blessed year ahead!




[1] TED Talks at http://www.ted.com


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