Building peace is like a marathon.

“Building peace is like a marathon.” It’s always complicated and difficult that it requires long-term commitment and a lot of patience and determination.

That is the nagging message I got from an event I attended weeks ago. It’s a gathering of peace educators “Sharing Stories of Hope and Challenges on the Three Decades of Peace Education in the Philippines.” Hearing from those passionate individuals and their inspiring stories made me want to dream again about contributing to the education for peace even through humble efforts of blogging.

This message reminded me of all the times that I joined fun runs. I would always set my heart into finishing strong no matter the distance. Since I am certainly not an elite runner and I often have only a few weeks of practice before any run, what I would do is pace myself and reserve energy to last me the whole stretch. I would walk-jog the whole race and then sprint for the last 100 meters to finish line. It wasn’t for show. I just love the exhilarating feeling of running to finish line, of accomplishing something that’s not really my turf, of breaking barriers to achieving more.

In the last few months though I felt like a discouraged runner…I’ve reached an impasse in my blogging journey. My routines changed…I returned to full time work, got my share of traffic agonies, adjustments to new work, and lost the comfort of my usual writing area and motivation to write. I tried to write but never got to editing and posting. Then, the longer I keep away from writing the more difficult it gets to start again. I also lament that after I bare my heart and plans for the year I disappeared. It’s too awkward to reappear. But then I realized my mantra, finish strong! It matters not so much that I faltered in the race; what matters more is whether I picked up myself from falling and strived to get back on track like how a true athlete should – with grit and passion!

Incidentally, on this day, eight years ago, the implementing guidelines for Executive Order 570, Institutionalizing Peace Education in Basic Education and Teacher Education, was signed. It was an exciting and momentous day. I was filled with hope and dreams on that day for I’ve always believe that we have the opportunity to break the cycle of violence someday if we start educating and nurturing the minds and hearts of children towards building culture of peace.

So today, I choose to recommit myself to this blog…hoping that I’d be able to write more ‘ideas and stories worth sharing’* and raise awareness and interest towards building and advocating for peace…so help me God! 🙂

ems, #iamforpeace


*TED Talk


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